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  • Amanda Schmukler MSW,RSW

Coping with Life Transitions

There are many times in our lives where we pass through pivotal altering transitions. Some are marked with spiritual or cultural rituals such as the birth of a child, a Bar Mitzvah, graduation from high school or university, marriage and death, to name a few.

Traditional societies highly regard these transitional moments in a person’s life with elaborate ritual and celebration. The ceremonies surrounding these life transitions recognize that the person’s life is changing. For the most part, there is also much support from family and community members during these important markers in an individual’s life.

However, there are many transitions across the life course that are overwhelming and challenging. Individual circumstances, resources and the amount of support available has an impact on how smoothly a life change proceeds.

What changes are you going through and what resources will help you transition smoothly? If you are experiencing struggles with adjusting to life transitions, such as becoming a parent or caregiver; changes in health; loss of a significant other; sudden financial change; immigration; returning to the workforce or retirement, seeking counselling may be important for you. Please call or email if you have questions as to how psychotherapy may support you through your life transition.

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