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  • Amanda Schmukler MSW,RSW

Suicide and Prevention: Risk Factors

Did you know?

Each year in Canada, almost 4000 people die by suicide. That is almost one death every 2 hours. Yet suicide is preventable.

People with suicidal ideations NEED and WANT help. Sometimes people ask for help directly, but more often, they will show us that they need help through things they do, say, show, or describe.

ACTIONS you may see:

Personality or behaviour changes

Withdrawing or isolating

Substance use/abuse


Behaving in ways that are unusual

Giving away possessions

FEELINGS you may sense:

Sad or depressed

Hopeless or helpless

Guilt or shame


LIFE SITUATIONS you may be aware of:

Abuse or violence

Death or loss

Relationship problems

Major life changes

Painful events

If you notice signs that someone might be thinking about suicide, talking openly about suicide, and helping them connect to supportive resources can help keep them safe. Everyone needs to know that they are not alone.

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